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Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 9th May 2017
at the Village Hall, The Lee at 7.30pm.

Minutes remain in draft until ratified at the next Council meeting

Councillors present:

C. Sully (Chair)
D. Chinnery
R Fowler
C. Little
C. Perry
A. Weir
The Clerk
District Councillor N. Rose
4 x members of the public

17/33 Apologies for absence
County Councillor Birchley

17/34 Election of Officers
Cllr Fowler nominated Cllr Sully as Chair, Cllr Little seconded this, all agreed.
Cllr Sully nominated Cllr Perry as Vice-Chair, Cllr Little seconded, all agreed.
Cllr Sully proposed that Simon Morris be co-opted to the position of parish councillor, all agreed, and Colin welcomed Simon to the Council.

Cllr Sully asked Councillors to consider their responsibilities for the coming year and let him know of their preferences. Action: All Cllrs

Cllr Morris would take responsibility for the footpaths previously under the responsibility of Cllr Ford, and Superfast Broadband.

17/35 Approval of Minutes of previous meeting
The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 14th March were approved.

17/36 Matters arising from Minutes not itemised separately
A contact for Missed Waste Collection is to be displayed on the website, noticeboards & village forum. Noticeboard still outstanding. Action: The Clerk

17/37 Declarations of interest on forthcoming business:

17/38 Report from County/District Councillors
Cllr Rose reported on the following:

• In Cllr Birchley’s absence he advised that she will return to Parish Council meetings in June. He added that Adult Social Care continues to be a focus of the County Council.
• Unitary Authority: The General Election may interrupt the progress of consideration of the proposals submitted. Councillors should continue with plans to attend local briefings on this matter.
• The Local Plan: The next phase will not be addressed until later in the year. A review of conservation areas has also been delayed. Cllr Sully asked if the Local Plan has to be a thorough process in order to avoid unwanted development, to which Cllr Rose explained that CDC and its parishes need to demonstrate how they will meet housing needs.
• HS2: CDC has set up a working group to consider Section 17 Applications. CDC is also, at the moment, looking at the Chiltern Conservation Review, specifically i) the guidelines on design of the railway through the Chilterns and ii) the best use of £3m available to put towards mitigating the overall effects of the railway.

Cllr Sully added the following: Sincere congratulations to Tricia Birchley on her local election result; many thanks to Nick Rose for attending the Parish Council Drop In session, 6th May.

17/39 Clerk’s report
Contents of the Clerks Report were noted.

17/40 Comments or questions from members of the public:
Mrs Jordan asked councillors if they were fully aware of the proposed changes to the public footpath close to her property. She brought councillors up to date on recent proposals and asked that they give the matter full consideration. The Clerk will circulate information as it arrives. Action: The Clerk

17/41 Finance:
Cllr Sully reported on the year end actuals and unspent funds that will be carried forward to 2017-18.

The 2017-18 budget forecast shows an increased income.
The budget details names against specific items of expenditure. The aim is to speed up the process of getting jobs done by allocating authority to councillors.
In future the Allotment deposits/refunds will not show as income and expenditure.
Proposals agreed to: to transfer £5000 to the Reserve Fund, of which - allotment deposits increase by £100 & £750 will go into the Playground Fund. Action: The Clerk

Insurance renewal: The Clerk to check that the PC is not paying for cover that is does not need, thereafter councillors agreed to a 3 year insurance agreement. Action: The Clerk

The following cheques were drawn:

2016/2017 invoices -
DCK Beavers Payroll £30,
All Seasons £160
2017/2018 invoices -
BALC training courses reimburse,
E van Hullen £59 &
Colin Sully £89,
Chiltern Society Membership £25,
BALC Membership - £126,
Grass cutting – May £200

For approval: Clerks Salary should be brought in line with SLCC recommendations for 2017/18 – agreed.

17/42 Council property – reports and proposed actions
i) Playground
Cllrs Perry, Chinnery & Sully recently visited the playground and reported that the contractors are still strimming the posts of the Fort. The Clerk will ask ROSPA for ideas on how to protect the posts & speak with the Contractors again Action: Clerk

Cllr Sully will continue to raise a working party for the playground. Action: Cllr Sully

ii) The Allotments
Cllr Weir will chase K Humphries to carry out work on the water buts and benches. She has also spoken with some of the tenants reference to bonfires on the allotments. Action: Cllr Weir

The Clerk will organise 5 x signs to encourage dog owners to take more responsibility for dogs and poo. The Clerk and Cllr Chinnery will progress with 2 x additional gates. Action: The Clerk & Cllr Chinnery

iii) Other assets –
BT Boxes -Cllr Fowler reported that she has reconfirmed phone numbers and locations to BT since initial communications in early February.

Noticeboards - Cllr Fowler reported that the owner of the Guildroom has offered to maintain the notice board there. The notice board at Swan Bottom will be decommissioned in the near future. The notice board at the Village Hall will continue to be updated. Action: Cllr Fowler & The Clerk

iv) The Well - The Clerk to chase Ken Humphries for a price to refurbish. Action: The Clerk

v) The Basketball Net – Cllr Fowler reported that the backboard has been repaired, the Clerk will add a ‘thank you’ to whoever was responsible, in the next newsletter article. Action: The Clerk

Cllr Sully asked if Councillors felt the benches within the Parish but not in the playground were in good repair. All agreed that no maintenance work is needed at the moment.

17/43 Footpaths
Cllr Morris will take on responsibility for the public footpaths that Cllr Ford previously monitored.

17/44 Roads
Following a meeting between the Clerk and the Local Area Technician:

Kings Lane, road surface – this is on the TfB list for Jet Patching.
Oxford Street / School Lane junction and surface road markings, TfB are reporting that this is not a Highways issue therefore TfB will not carry out any work here.
Chesham Lane, vehicle parking – LAT has suggested this is brought to the LAF as a Parish Funded Scheme

Further meetings will be scheduled with the LAT to manage progress Action: The Clerk

Cllr Sully advised that silt needs clearing from Swan Bottom before the gullies can be cleared. He also advised that he has discussed ditch clearing with the LAT and has been told that ditches are not BCC responsibility, it is Riparian land. The Clerk will check the status with BALC. Action: Cllr Sully & The Clerk

17/45 Planning
Planning – comments submitted:

0272/FA Bruns Grange, Swan Lane, HP23 6NS
0315/FA & 0316/FA Mulberry Lodge, Lee Clump HP16 9NA
APP/X0415/W16/1361324 Elmwood Kennels HP16 9NQ
0557/FA North Acre, Swan Bottom, HP16 9NN
0502/FA Kings Ash Farm, Chesham, HP16 9NP

Outstanding – to be submitted: None

Planning – decisions:

0214/KA The Vicarage, Swan Bottom Road, The Lee HP16 9LZ TLPC had no objections, CDC determined ‘no TPO intended’
0272/FA Bruns Grange, Swan Lane, The Lee HP23 6NS TLPC had no objections, CDC granted conditional permission
0315/FA Mulberry Lodge, Lee Clump Road, The Lee HP16 9NA (Orangery) TLPC had comment & objections, CDC granted conditional permission
0316/FA Mulberry Lodge, Lee Clump Road, The Lee HP16 9NA (Swimming pool house) TLPC had comment & objection, CDC called it in & the applicant withdrew.
Elmwood Kennels – appeal ongoing

Reporting back on the policy for non-material amendments; the Clerk advised that these in general refer to deemed insignificant or non-material amendments to existing planning applications. It is at the discretion of the planning officer whether, or not, a consultation is necessary. For more information see http://www.chiltern.gov.uk/planning/amendments.

17/46 Communications
Cllr Sully reported on the second of three Drop In sessions that took place on 6th May. It was less well attended, issues raised included HS2 and the school buses/traffic in Oxford Street.
The July session will go ahead as planned but would benefit from a hook eg Broadband. A proposal for the future is to run 2 – 3 Drop In sessions each year. Action: C Sully

The Annual Parish Meeting – 23rd May, will cover the following topics: Local Crime, Superfast Broad Band, an update on HS2. The Clerk with publicise. Action: The Clerk

17/47 HS2 Hybrid Bill
Cllr Sully reported that he has a meeting with Gt Missenden and Wendover to consider how to influence best use of funds available to i) mitigate effects of the line through this area and ii) help communities that will not benefit but will be affected. HS2 is advertising for an additional Community Engagement Manager

17/48 LAF Matters
Oxford Street: Cllrs Little & Weir agreed that at the very least the yellow zig zag lines need repainting. Cllr Weir advised that she has a school travel plan, but this was very general. She proposed the PC write to the school regarding the current parking issue, in an attempt to at least put an end to congestion around the water hydrant and bus stop. Cllr Chinnery suggested the PC opens dialog with the school governors (Cllr Morris declared an interest in at this point).

The Clerk will ascertain the availability of previously promised LAF funding, to support measures in Oxford Street. Action: The Clerk & Cllr Weir

There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 22.05 The next meeting will be on 4th July 2017.


                                                          Liz van Hullen, CLERK