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Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday 14th March 2017
at the Village Hall, The Lee at 7.30pm.

Minutes remain in draft until ratified at the next Council meeting

Cllr C. Sully (Chair)
Cllr D. Chinnery
Cllr J. Ford
Cllr R Fowler
Cllr C. Little
The Clerk
County Councillor P. Birchley
District Councillor N. Rose (arrived late)
4 x members of the public

17/17 Apologies for absence
Cllrs Weir & Perry. District Councillor Rose may arrive late.

17/18 Approval of Minutes of previous meeting
The minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 10th January 2017 were approved.

17/19 Matters arising from Minutes not itemised separately

Cllr Sully asked that additional copies of the agenda are printed for each meeting.

Item 17/03 A contact for Missed Waste Collection is to be displayed on the website, noticeboards & forum Action: The Clerk
Item 17/05 Motorcross activity – Cllr Sully has been assured by the landowner that this activity has now ceased.

17/20 Declarations of interest on forthcoming business:

17/21 Report from County/District Councillors
Cllr Birchley reported on the following:

 A temporary closure (1st May from 6 months) has been placed on footpath No 3, for pylon work. Action: Cllr Sully
 Specific road repairs noted include the pothole outside The Swan, and the gullies outside Kings Vale Farm. Hyde Heath Cllrs now meet regularly with LAT Scott White and achieve positive results regarding road repair. Action: The Clerk
 Adult social care has a budget of £2bn.
 Bucks Schools are achieving 10% above national average.
 DCLG are due to comment on the Unitary Authority proposals on 21st March.
 Cllrs Little and Sully questioned the TfB intentions regarding road markings in Oxford Street and it is understood that the funding has been set aside until 1st May, by which point the PC should submit proposals.

Cllr Rose reported on the following:

 Council Tax rates will increase by approximately £5 for a Band D property.
 The Local Plan is progressing, in response to Cllr Sully’s question on pressure on local councils to provide land for housing, Cllr Rose explained that the Housing White Paper is progressing but subject to some delay.
 CDC is holding a workshop on HS2 Schedule 17 planning applications on 27th March
 HS2 are holding Community Engagement events later that same week
 Cllr Rose continues to campaign for Superfast Broadband

17/22 Clerk’s report
Contents of the Clerks Report were noted, specifically:
* Allotments x 4 available. Currently one person interested.
*Wayleave Agreement with UK Power Networks has been signed and submitted, to allow cables to be laid across the allotments.

17/23 Comments or questions from members of the public:
Mrs Usborne advised councillors that there is a gap in the hedge from the allotments, on the corner by Cherry Tree Lane and people often exit on to the road via this gap. She asked that the council consider putting some type of gate or barrier to prevent children from running straight onto the road. Action: The Clerk

At this point Cllr Sully interrupted the meeting to make a presentation of sincere thanks to Cllr John Ford, who is standing down as councillor after 22 years in local government. Colin thanked John for his leadership, support and time given over the years. Cllr Rose and Mr Usborne (former PC Chair) added their thoughts and thanks. John thanked everyone present and reiterated how happy he has been as a councillor to the local community.

17/24 Finance:
Cllr Sully reported that the forecast expenditure for this financial year would be less than budgeted, by approx. £1500, which can be explained by a reduction in professional fees & Clerk’s time.

Future anticipated spend on jobs outstanding to include:

Covers for water buts at the allotments - £595
Clearing of shrubs at the allotments - £311
Repair to benches - £400
Allowance for donations – £200

The above will be budgeted for in 2017/18 if not complete this year. In addition costs will be acquired for maintenance to The Well, and gates at the allotments.

The following cheques were drawn:

Clerks Salary to 31st March 2017
DCK Beavers Payroll Services
A Richmond – allotment deposit

17/25 Council property – reports and proposed actions
i) Playground Cllr Perry reported, by email prior to the meeting, that she believes there is no sign of anything requiring immediate repair at the Playground. She noted that the wooden structures would require attention in the future, but were fine for the short term, providing the landscapers refrain from strimming them. It was noted that the fort, whilst fine for now, would need significant repair/replacement in the mid to longer term and Cllr Perry attached a link to Sovereign Playground Equipment for reference. Cllr Sully suggested the PC approach suppliers for a ‘design and build’ solution when the time comes. Cllr Chinnery added that future equipment must be robust, Cllr Little suggested the PC considers applying for funding, eg via SITA Action: Cllrs Sully, Perry & Chinnery

ii) The Well – as mentioned in Item 17/24 above, The Well will require treatment and minor refurbish work this year. Action: The Clerk & Cllr Fowler

iii) Other assets – Cllr Fowler reported that there has been no response from BT since initial communications in early February. Cllr Fowler reported that notices have been placed in the PC noticeboards advising these will no longer be used for PC notices. Neither Cllr Fowler nor the Clerk have received any feedback from parishioners on this. It was agreed that PC notices would be removed from noticeboards on 01/04/2017. The Noticeboard at the Village Hall has been repaired and reinstated. Action: Cllr Fowler & The Clerk

Cllr Sully advised councillors that a map detailing the locations of water hydrants in the parish has been published on the village website and forum.

iv) Allotments - Ken Humphries has been asked to provide replacement covers for the water buts and refurbish the benches. 3 x plots are available.

17/26 Footpaths:
No related matters arising

17/27 Roads
Cllr Little mentioned that Strawberry Lane (a.k.a. Kings Lane) is almost impassable. Cllr Fowler mentioned that Leather Lane is in equally poor repair. The Clerk is to arrange for LAT, Scott White, to meet with councillors to discuss. It was also noted that one of the local buses is taking a route through The Lee from Chartridge, back to its depot. The Clerk is to contact the bus company. Action: The Clerk

17/28 Planning
Planning – comments submitted:
0214/KA The Vicarage, Swan Bottom Road HP16 9LZ

Outstanding – to be submitted:
0272/FA Bruns Grange, Swan Lane, HP23 6NS
0315/FA & 0316/FA Mulberry Lodge, Lee Clump HP16 9NA
APP/X0415/W16/1361324 Elmwood Kennels HP16 9NQ

Planning – decisions:
0214/KA The Vicarage, Swan Bottom Road HP16 9LZ – permission to work on tress granted
0031/NMA Medlar Cottage, Sly Corner (non material amendment to CH/2016/0662/FA which was permitted July ’16) – addition of full height window at front & reduction in level of basement.

Cllrs queried exactly what a ‘non-material amendment’ is and what the policy is for notification of and comment on such amendments. The Clerk will find out. Action: The Clerk

17/29 Communications
The first of the proposed Drop In Sessions will take place on 18th March. Cllr Ford offered to bring The Millennium Diary. Cllr Sully & The Clerk will feedback. Action: Cllr Sully & The Clerk

Themes considered for the Annual Parish Meeting in May included The Local Fire Service, Thames Valley Police & Broadband. The Clerk and Cllr Sully will finalise theme and dates. Action: Cllr Sully & The Clerk

17/30 HS2 Hybrid Bill
Cllr Sully reported that Luke Nipen is the Community Engagement Manager to the end of the tunnel. Charlotte Hughes is the Community Engagement Manager for beyond the tunnel, but that Luke would be the principal contact for the Parish Council and CDC.

He also advised councillors that it had been proposed that The Lee joins with Great Missenden and possibly Wendover in discussions with HS2 Ltd and the contractors. The Parish Council agreed to this approach. Action: Cllr Sully

HS2 is holding Drop-in sessions on 29th March in Ballinger and 31st March in Wendover, to discuss property issues.

Cllr Sully has written to J Copcutt regarding increased traffic on rural roads once construction begins and HS2 have agreed to monitor this. It was noted that such monitoring should begin before construction starts to provide ‘control data’.

17/31 LAF Matters
Cllrs Ford & Little suggested that involvement with the LAF is of little benefit. However Cllr Little will continue for now.

Cllr Sully has received feedback from Ann Ash on the Taxi Concessionary Scheme who has agreed that this is of no relevance to The Lee.

17/16 Councillor Vacancy
Cllr Sully will contact those who have expressed interest and John Ford will lead the interview process.

There being no further business the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 21.47. The next meeting will be on 9th May 2017.


                                                          Liz van Hullen, CLERK